About the Artist


A lifelong practitioner of martial arts, published contemporary artist/photographer, and ASCAP musician who hails from Italian and Korean ancestry.

After his honorable discharge from active-duty service as a decorated Air Force veteran in the late nineties, Paulino was scouted by the legendary SAG/AFTRA agent, Dott Burns in Tampa, FL.  Under Dott’s tutelage, she booked him work in print, TV, film, and the music industry as a session musician, stunt model, actor, break dancer, and photographer.  

Since 2000 Paulino has worked with A-list actors, celebrities, and major brands such as Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Disney Animation Studios, Kodak, Universal Studios, Derrick Jeter, Chow Yun-Fat, and Johnny Depp to name a few.

Paulino believes in always giving his best to utilize his multi-dimensional experience, knowledge base, and skill set to creatively problem solve and deliver professional excellence for his clients to maximize their interest and business.  Ultimately, Paulino's vision is to help others to live a creative, healthy, and successful life and bring change to the world.


Artist Statement:  “In my work, I look to transcend time to illuminate the complex thread of mankind. Exploring the opposing elements and the idea of beauty and light, I believe one must embrace the dark truths that are as much part of our lives as the innate pull towards hope. Light and dark, order and chaos, the cerebral and the instinctive – each requires the other in order for harmony to ebb and flow.”